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light up the darkness

part-time writer, full-time fangirl.

melissa ✮
12 January
melissa. 17. singapore. my life is 99% kpop + kdramas and 1% manga + anime.

bias groups: winner, team b, infinite, exo, bangtan, vixx, teen top, beast, b.a.p, block b, nu'est

biases: taehyun ♥, jinhwan, hongseok, myungsoo, dongwoo, sehun, taehyung, taekwoon, hakyeon, byunghun (l.joe), hyunseung, himchan, jongup, yukwon, minhyun, lee jongsuk, ahn jaehyun, song jaerim

otps: mino/taehyun, junhoe/jinhwan, hanbin/bobby/jinhwan, hanbin/jinhwan, bobby/hongseok, sungyeol/myungsoo, jongin/sehun, tao/sehun, hoseok/taehyung, minsoo/byunghun, junhyung/hyunseung, yongguk/himchan, minhyuk/yukwon, aron/minhyun, zico/yukwon, woobin/jongsuk

fave k-dramas: shut up! flower boy band, school 2013, i hear your voice, pinocchio, liar game, the moon that embraces the sun, dream high, white christmas, misaeng, you from another star, queen inhyun's man, reply 1997

k-drama otps: jihyuk/hyunsoo (sufbb), heungsoo/namsoon (school 2013), oska/taesun (secret garden), hwon/woon (tmtets), yoonjae/joonhee (reply 1997)

fave k-drama characters: lee hyunsoo (sufbb), go namsoon (school 2013), han taesun (secret garden), choi sungjoon (liar game), jang geurae (misaeng), song samdong (dream high), yoon soo (white christmas), do minjoon (yfas), cheon songyi (yfas)

hobbies: reading / writing fanfics, singing, learning kpop dances, drawing (especially kpop idols), watching kdramas, spazzing over kpop idols and their dumb antics

etc: i love animals, especially cats. i dislike horror / gore (mainly because i get nightmares orz). i ship people very easily (as evidenced by how i immediately started shipping tadashi/hiro ten minutes into big hero 6). i get inspired easily, but i also lose inspiration easily, whoops. also, i read too many fics, so if you need recommendations for slash fic feel free to pm me. :3

(or, alternatively, you can just add me as a friend and drop a comment somewhere to let me know! once i've added you, you'll be able to view my mems ^^)


--last updated 141214--