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[sticky post] masterlist!

note: click on post titles, not the lj-cuts!

fic masterlist

exoCollapse )

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second best

pairing: jihyuk/hyunsoo
fandom: shut up! flower boy band
genre: angst
rating: g
summary: when will he ever be good enough for jihyuk?

his hand bled but he didn't care.Collapse )

rinse and repeat

pairing: woobin/jongsuk
genre: angst
rating: pg-13
summary: jongsuk doesn't want to see the truth.

the truth hurts.Collapse )

swallowed by darkness

pairing: onesided!jongin/sehun
genre: angst
rating: nc-17
warnings: (highlight to read) child abuse, non-consensual sex
summary: sehun falls too deep in love and there isn't anyone to pull him out.

will you light up my life?Collapse )

cracks in the porcelain

pairing: jongin/sehun
genre: angst
rating: nc-17
warnings: (highlight to read) self-harm, character death
summary: sehun is a broken doll and jongin tries to glue him back together.

but even the strongest of glue wears off...Collapse )